Elite Master Degree Program in Chemistry @ University of Regensburg

You have found your way to an exciting and inspiring master degree program in Chemistry – Congratulations! While you are here, let us introduce you to the essentials of our program…

If you have studied Chemistry or a closely related field, and have already gained some insight into how chemical reactions work, you may be interested to deepen your knowledge further.

How can Chemistry contribute to a sustainable development by using ecologically benign synthesis and catalysis? How can chemical processes get improved in the spirit of green chemistry, e.g. to utilize renewable resources for producing valuable chemical compounds required in our everydays life such as pharmaceuticals, biofuels, or agricultural products?

In our research oriented program you will learn the concepts of modern synthesis and catalysis, which will prepare you to successfully meet challenges in society to which chemistry will be the key to their solution.

What’s in it?

ADVANCED SYNTHESIS AND CATALYSIS – You might wonder: What is this all about?

Well, we assume you have basic knowledge about fundamental chemical processes. And that you are curious about the nooks and grannies in custom designing molecules, with all the real live challenges and impact? – PERFECT, then read on…

Catalysis is one of the most powerful strategies to convert both conventional and alternative resources to valuable chemical compounds in environmentally friendly and economical processes. By understanding catalytic processes and applying advanced synthetic methods, chemical transformations are optimized by making them faster, cleaner and more sustainable.

The highly interactive master course Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis provides students with a sound foundation to do so by facilitating learning through a research-oriented curriculum. Both practical and theoretical skills are applied to relevant real world problems.

Students are trained on a variety of computational and laboratory techniques for developing new catalysts and synthetic methods. Academic skills such as scientific presentation and writing are strengthened in individual training sessions and hands-on lab courses.

By addressing challenges in sustainable developments, students are allowed from early on to contribute to the solution of problems todays society is encountering.

TAKE A LOOK! – Be curious about how professors and students are reflecting the SynCat curriculum…


SEMESTER OVERVIEW – See how the semesters of your master studies will be arranged

CURRICULUM – What kind of courses will you be taught?


Basic Module „Synthesis“: Modern methods of inorganic and organic synthetic chemistry are taught and practically applied in customized lab courses.

Basic Module “Catalysis”: This module covers aspects of modern catalysis ranging from catalyst design via mechanistic studies to new fields of catalysis including photocatalysis in both theory and practice.

Basic Module “Techniques”: Structure elucidation and computational chemistry are the central aspects of this module, which is completed by preparing an individual research proposal.

Advanced Module “Techniques”: In small-group lab courses a variety of structure elucidation methods are applied to identify unknown compounds and reactive intermediates. In addition, a computational chemistry tutorial allows you to investigate reaction mechanism by means of modern theoretical methods.

External (International) Module “Research”: In this customized research stay of about 2 months of duration, practical research experience is acquired in an international context.

Concluding Module: A scientific excursion and a methods course in the scientific sub-discipline of the Master’s thesis belong to this module.

Master’s Thesis Module: In the Master’s thesis, a question from chemistry or a related scientific discipline will be answered for the most part independently and by using the scientific methods learned before.

Vacances :

module description

MODULE DESCRIPTION – Check out the individual modules as seen in the curriculum.

Download of the Module Catalog of the SynCat program:



TIMETABLES – What would your days, months and semesters look like?

Your weekly schedule depends on wether you start at summer or winter semester.

Lecture period in winter semester 2021/2022: 18 October 2021 to 11 February 2022

According to current plans, most courses will be offered in attendance in the winter semester. Please note the following marking in the course numbers:

P-(D-): Course normally takes place in presence, but please note any deviating instructions in the course details.

D-: Digital course that is not in presence

PRA- or P-: (Practical) course in presence

In the course catalog (EXA) of the UR you will find information on the lectures and whether or where you have to register for the course. (Select Master of Science, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis)

For starting @ winter semester your weekly schedule reads as follows:

Schedule for winter semester 2021/2022 (start in winter semester)

If you start @ summer semester this schedule is slightly modified:

Schedule for winter semester 2021/2022 (start in summer semester)



Course Coordination Dr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl
This is the person you go to with any concerns regarding the technical and administrative details of your studies, as well as for personal study counseling.

Office: CH 03.1.86
Office hours: Monday and Thursday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (by appointment)
Contact by e-mail Monday to Thursday:
Study Advisor Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein
For all questions concerning the subject-specific course of your studies.

Office: CH 23.1.85
Phone: 0941-943 4628
Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
All points addressing the adjustment of the entry level of education to the SynCat Elite standard. Especially valid for admitted students.
Chairman Prof. Dr. Burkhard König

Institut für Organische Chemie
Universität Regensburg
93040 Regensburg, Germany
Office: CH 32.1.84
Phone: +49 941 943-4575
Fax: +49 941 943-1717

Professors and Associate Scientists: Our professors are at the forefront of research in catalysis.

Take a look at their fields of expertise, their professional work, and how their research topics are incorporated into the curriculum.

Research/Teaching Area Scientist
Metals and Molecules Dr. Gabor Balázs (Associate Scientist)
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Korber
Dr. Robert Kretschmer
Prof. Dr. Manfred Scheer
Prof. Dr. Robert Wolf
Solid State Chemistry Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Korber
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Dr. Ilya Shenderovich (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Marc Schlosser
Polymers and Functional Materials Prof. Dr. David Díaz Díaz
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Organic Synthesis Prof. Julia Rehbein
Prof. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Biomolecules Prof. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Sterner
Metal Catalysis Dr. Jonathan Bauer
Prof. Dr. Robert Wolf
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Dr. Robert Kretschmer
Organo/Biocatalysis Prof. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Sterner
Spectroscopy and Theory Dr. Gabor Balázs (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Michael Bodensteiner (Associate Scientist)
Prof. Dr. Ruth Gschwind
Dr. Robert Kretschmer
Prof. Dr. John Lupton (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Marc Schlosser (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Ilya Shenderovich (Associate Scientist)
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein
Photo/Electrochemistry Prof. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Technical Chemistry Prof. Dr. David Díaz Díaz
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser

Elite Program

ELITE – WHAT IS SO SPECIAL? The SynCat program is part of the Elite Network of Bavaria that is administered by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

In order to provide excellence in education the title “Member of the Elite Network of Bavaria” labels only those institutes that offer world class research combined with progressive teaching strategies.

TEACHING We only admit a handful of students per semester in order to guarantee personal support for each student. Our philosophy is to guide students towards independent research. Lab projects and regular presentations of research results contribute to self-governed learning strategies.

PRESENTATION SKILLS While we put a strong focus on advanced science, there still is another important factor that contributes to success in top level research: presentation skills! In order to convincingly communicate into the community, confidence combined with communication strategies is necessary. The ability to engage in team work, and be flexible and enthusiastic are important cornerstones to success in an academic career. Our program will develope those qualities that already lie within you by exposing you to situations where you will be asked to demonstrate these skills.

INDIVIDUAL MENTORING We respect your personal background. We honor individuality. Each student will be assigned an academic mentor who may be consulted whenever problems arise. May they be of scientific or of a personal nature.

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS Since we believe in the synergistic effects of cross national collaborations, we emphasize the international diversity of our program. Exchanging minds with fellow students and co-scientists, as well as experiencing life in a new setting, helps one to better understand the global challenges of problems of scientific, economic and social natures. By inviting international students to Regensburg, and sending students abroad, we hope to inspire mutual insights that lead to a common ground in scientific relationships.

EARLY NETWORKING @SynCat we are part of a network of about 8000 members who strive for excellence in research and teaching. You will have the opportunity to meet like minded fellow students of other disciplines at various events through out the year. From time to time we also invite renowned guest lecturers who are also available for your questions and input. Yet another aspect of early networking is covered by your external modules, where you will get to get in touch with some of our extern partners and collaborating universities.

OUR PARTNERS We are always in the process of creating new partnerships. Here are some of our recent collaboration partners.

News & Events



ENB FORUM In conjunction with the Bavarian Ministery of Education and Culture our SynCat students and staff are hosting the 10. Forum Event of the Elite Network Bavaria under the motto “ZUKUNFTSWERTE?! – Ein Perspektivenwechsel” here in Regensburg.

Inside SynCat

YOU’RE IN! It is great to have you here as a student. You fit in perfectly. In the submenu you will get all the informations you need to successfully complete your studies.



Here you can find the research report cover sheet and your lab course registration form.



Get involved

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Naim3 years ago
Dear Madam/Sir, I am willing to know one thing that after applying to SynCat program how long does it take for result/response? as I applied on 1st of March 2018.

admin3 years ago
All applicants will be notified about the status of their admission within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline for the desired term.
You may however be contacted earlier if there are any open questions which need to be clarified. Thank you for your interest in our program!

layal mahfoud3 years ago
Hello, I have a master degree in Physical Chemistry and I would like to foster my knowledge more by studying in your institute, can you advise me what is the first dtep I should do.
Best Regards
Layal Mahfoud

admin3 years ago
Dear Layal,

first thing I recommend to do is to read the webpage thouroghly and see if the topics of the courses match your interest.
If in doubt, feel free to ask further questions.

Next step, once you decided you want to participate in the program, would be to go through the application process.
Use the Apply Now button in the top right most corner and follow the instructions there.

Currently the registration period for winter term 2018/19 is in active mode.
You can apply for winter term 2018/19 from March 1st to June 1st, 2018.

Topto3 years ago
I am a student who has appeared for Bachelors final exams and is about to take my IELTS exam this month. But both results are due after the application deadline. Is it possible for me to apply now and have my respective institutions/boards send in the results after the designated deadline?

admin3 years ago
Dear Topto,

thank you for this important question, which might be of interest for some fellow students as well!

You can go through our application process while you are waiting for your results.
Just hand them in as soon as you get them or have them forwarded to us.

Good luck for your exams ???

Asghar3 years ago
Dear Madam/sir , if anybody got rejection in Syncat then it is possible that he/she can apply again in another semester?

admin3 years ago
Dear Asghar,

any applicant who was turned down within one admission periode or did not succeed in getting his/her visa affaires sorted out in time for the start of the semester may try his/her luck again in any of the following admission periodes.

Mina B.3 years ago
The visa processing time takes up to 3 months, if I successfully got accepted and the admission response is received by 15th of January, there is a possibility that I will be late at least 1 month later than the starting date of the summer semester.

Also, what if I missed a semester do I have to apply again for the following semester or do I get a priority to be admitted to the following semester ?

admin3 years ago
Dear Mina,

we are aware of the time sensitivity of visa affairs. Therefore we do our best to swiftly process visa related issues. If necessary we also correspond directly with the respective embassy.

Due to our dense curriculum it might not make sense to enter the program with a great delay. However, two to three week would probably be ok.

We can not automatically guarantee admission to the following semester, since it strongly depends on individual qualifications, but previously admitted students who were struggling with visa affairs certainly will have priority within the next admission period.

If you are experiencing any trouble with paper work, please make sure to let our Admission Team know. We are happy to assist you where ever we can.

Mina Basla3 years ago
Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response !

As I am interested to apply to the program I wanted to have my transcript of records of the bachelor degree pre-checked, if it’s compatible with the program curricula. Moreover, my bachelor was Petrochemical engineering, and I have strong academic background in the organic/ inorganic and physical chemistry.

Kindly, is there an email or a person that I can contact to ensure that I am eligible to apply to the program ?

admin3 years ago
Dear Mina,

from what you are writing it seems that the SynCat program would suit you perfectly since it grounds on a sound knowlege in organic and inorganic chemistry. You easily can verify this by checking the module catalogue and by taking a look at the involved academic staff.

If you like our program just follow the APPLY NOW button and hand in all the necessary documents. However, please make sure to apply during the respective admission period only. We will not review any applications ouside the designated time frames.

The next admission period, for summer term 2019, will start September 1st and run through December 1st.

Mina Basla3 years ago
Thank you very much 🙂

Ahmed Sami Shahin2 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been admitted to your respective master program, but I am now can not obtain the visa due to inability to open a bank account with 8640 euros which I can not afford. The alternative solution is to provide a signed declaration of commitment from a person living in Germany. As a result, Iam kindly asking for your help to provide this commitment to the embassy here in Egypt as 8640 euros is a large amount of money equivalent to about 200000 EGP.

admin2 years ago
Dear Ahmend,

congrats for being admitted to our outstanding program ???

Please contact our study advisor through for details on your financial situation and legal advice.
As this probably is a common issue there might already exist a pragmatic solution for your problem.

However, I’d like to emphasis, that in general you should check on all implications before submitting your application.
Please don’t hesitat to contact our SynCat team through the given email address at any step of your application process if in doubt.

Kaarthik2 years ago
I done my in Pharmaceutical technology, my Undergraduate degree covers chemical engineering, Pharmaceuticals, biologicals as well as basic chemistry. Currently I’m looking for my masters.
I am interested with this Masters in Advanced synthesis and catalysis.
I need to know whether IELTS is must for doing this elite course.

admin2 years ago
Dear Kaarthik,

thank you for your interest in our program.
In order to successfully absolve all parts of the syllabus, you need a sound basis of english language skills.

IELTS in particular is not a must, you may also verify your knowledge by any other certified language test like TOEFL, or what ever is available to you.
In case the instruction language of your Bachelors program was English, an attestation from your university will also be fine.

Van Nguyen2 years ago
Hello, I want to ask about a required document for admission which is ” university admission examination”. Is this document about my result of the exam or the exam’s informations (general info, questions, a range of knowledge invovled….)? Thank you.

admin2 years ago
Dear Van Nguyen,

we need your full official graduation certificate for evaluation of your scores.
You may however choose to upload any additional information you are considering as helpful ☺�?

Andriy Poturay2 years ago
Hi, I’m student from Ukraine and I interested in yours program. I need more information about capabilities what you have and give for your students, for example, about possible employment in laboratories during the studying (and maybe later). Would you give me a contact where I can get a consultation about this question? Thanks.

admin2 years ago
Dear Andriy,

we do not have a fixed contingent of students. Instead for each admission period we choose to admit those students who, based on their application, seem to fit best into our program.

While we do have a very limited number of payed tutorships, we are not able to assign them beforehand.

After completing the SynCat program you may apply for a payed PhD student position, but again this can not be guaranteed. However, if you prove yourself to be a dedicated student, chances aren’t to bad.

In general I would advice to make sure you can cover basics costs of living without depending on working opportunities during your master studies.

Please also check if you are eligible for sponsoring through international exchange programs.
If you feel you need more personal advice please contact our study advisor through

Mazen2 years ago
Dear Madam/Sir i would like to know that IELTS Band 5.5 is sufficient?

admin2 years ago
Dear Mazen,

to enter our SynCat program, B2 level language skills are required.
This equals an IELTS score of 5.5 to 6.5 ???

Nathaniel2 years ago
Please can you help me with the email address to send all these required documents for i can’t see any one in the web page?

admin2 years ago
Dear Nathaniel,

thank you for your question!

The address for submission of documents is:

Just click on the blue high lighted “SynCat” link, which you find under point 6 in the description for the application process:

For assistance with any matter concerning your application you are always welcome to contact our study advisor through the very same e-mail address. No shy, she is quite nice ???

Nilson Neto2 years ago
Hello, I am Brazilian and I finish my bachelors degree in chemistry next year, I would like to know how I can increase my chances of being admitted to this program. What are the criteria? For example, internship, published articles, global average at the university where I graduated or the test has more value?
Thank you in advance

admin2 years ago
Dear Nilson,

we try to keep our admission process as equitable and transparent as possible.

Therefore we are applying a scoring system, which allows for compensation if specific skills could not be aquired during each indiviudal students study period.

The highest scores are achived by excellent grades, but also a SynCat topic specific bachelors thesis allows for high ranking.

There are additional points credited for internships, international study periods, co-authoring of research papers, certified english skills and scientific awards.

After all of those factors got evaluated, the top candidates get invited to solve a set of chemical problems and discuss them in an informal interview.

We do not judge by country of origin or reputation of your university ???

Yahia Mahmoud2 years ago
I’m Cochlea Implant person will that effect my opportunity to join the program? If no; I would ask if there any special requirements in admission? and the policy of university such case?

admin2 years ago
Dear Yahia,

We honor diversity and individuality and therefore take great care to make sure to give equal opportunity to each and every student applying to our program.

In order to keep our students free from harm during their extensive lab work, we ask students which experience health restrictions, to go through a critical self assessment. Their and their fellows students lab safety has top priority.

However, if you where able to absolve a bachelors program in chemistry or applied sciences at your university, there is no doubt that you can successfully absolve the SynCat program under the same health conditions.

In order to grant full support and, if necessary, adopt your exam or work schedule, we need to know as soon as possible about any concerns you might have and which matters are demanding special attention.

We will assess each request on an individual basis. If in doubt, please contact our study advisor through for further clarification.

The University of Regensburg offers a range of services for students with special needs, which of course are available in their full extent to international students.

There are formally no particular requirements for students with special needs during the course of admission.

Nahid Hasan2 years ago
Dear Sir,
My question is regarding the evaluation test. Is any particular topic or syllabus for chemistry knowledge test? If yes, could you provide me a guidance?

Thank you.

admin2 years ago
Dear Nahid,

thank you so much for your very important question!

We are very well aware that it might be difficult for foreign students to get a feeling for the exact nature and academic level of entry knowledge we ask for.

Therefore, we are currently working on a selftest tool, which will be randomly displaying questions originating from bachelor study tests taken here at the University of Regensburg. Furthermore, we might, in future, be able to provide some sort of SynCat “pre-class” for remote studies. We will keep you updated about that through our webpage!

For now it might be a good idea to have a look at our youtube channel. Especially the organic chemistry lectures of Prof. Reiser could give you an appropriate impression:
We are in the process of video taping inorganic lectures as well, they might appear on our youtube channel soon ???

While the admission test questions will cover organic and inorganic questions only, we do expect our SynCat students to have a sound knowledge in all basic fields of chemistry.

I hope this helps a bit. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any further qestions!

Taiwo2 years ago
Thanks for this opportunity. I have been long to see this during my undergraduate days. Please, on the application form, there are two boxes for summer and winter, can someone tick both boxes as the first one may not be positive but can be considered for the next one?

admin2 years ago
Dear Taiwo,

thank you for giving us the opportunity to clearify this matter!

You may apply for one specific term at a time only.
Therefore you will have to choose between summer or winter term. Please check one box only.

However, in case you got turned down or you had to cancel after admission, due to what ever reasons, you will get one more chance.
You would have to repeat the full application process though, in order to take advantage of this option.

After two shots, we will reject your papers.

Hope this piece of information was usfull to you!
Just let us know, if you have any further questions or concerns ???

Arjun2 years ago
What is asked in the chemical problem? Is it related to general chemical issues or specifically organic synthesis question?

admin2 years ago
Dear Arjun,

the chemical problem, which we ask you to solve as one step within our admission process, falls either in the inorganic or organic chemistry category. We offer you one question from each field. You may choose either one after you got both revealed.

Since we apply a rather sofisticated scoring system which involves many different aspects, solving the chemical problem is not a major knock out criterium. It rather gives you the opportunity to increase your overall score if the focus of your studies did not center around basic organic and inorganic chemistry.

Don’t let the prospect of an “online exam” deter you from a profound and motivated application.
Best of luck ???

Rakhimjon2 years ago
Dear admin
I would like to know some information about the second stage of the selection process. what will be the topic of the interview? is it organized to check my English skill or to discussing my answer to “chemical problems” which was the 1st stage of the selection process
thank you in advance

admin2 years ago
Dear Rakhimjon,

thank you for this question, which might be of interest for other applicants as well!

The during the admission process scheduled interview has quite an informal character. The main purpose is to get to know the student a bit more personally and to get an impression about his/her deeper motivations that triggered the interest for our SynCat program.

We are definitly not checking any language skills. So, no worries about that!

While the interview is not strictly about testing your chemistry knowlege, it will take some chemical questions as the basis for casual exchange. Also exemplification or explanation of your answers to your question sheet, which is part of the admission procedure, might be subject of the interview.

Hope this information is helpful to you! Please ask if you have any more questions!

Bernard Ulu1 year ago
I have a Bachelor degree in Industrial Chemistry and a Master in Analytical Chemistry and both were English taught. Can a proof of English language proficiency from one or both the institutions attended suffice for the language requirement for an English taught program in your institution? Also, I would like to know if my documents have to be notarized before applying through uni-assit.

admin1 year ago
Dear Bernard,

since English was the official instruction language of your academic program, we just need an written statement of your university that classes where taught in English. In your case it is fine to get this from either institute you where graduating from.

You do not need to get your application documents notarized, a simple copy will do. If the original language of your paperwork is not English, please get them translated by a sworn translater in order to get so called “certified translation”. In this case please hand in both, copies of your original documents as well as their certfied translations.

Please let me know, if you have any further questions! 😊


YOU HAVE SPECIAL QUESTIONS? YOU WANT TO DIRECTLY ASK A STUDENT? If you prefer to get in touch with one of our students before you register or if you need to know individual details from someone who is going through the program already please submit a question here and an actual SynCat student will get back to you asap.

SynCat Alumni

Look who already has successfully finished the program! – And read what they have to say about their time within the SynCat program…




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